Chained​/​In Fidelity Split

by Chained/In Fidelity

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released January 17, 2012

Recorded @ Spaghetti Spaghetti Studios
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Adam Gurtshaw
Produced by Adam Gurtshaw and Grant Evans



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Spaghetti Spaghetti Records Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: In Fidelity - All Along
I'm through feeling like I have no weight in this world
All the guilt, all the shame, times I felt I don't deserve a name
It's so hard to be the person you want yourself to be
When you constantly tear yourself down, lock your hopes up and throw away the key

But I'm not failure who has no strength at all
I'm not worthless, I'm not powerless, I will not fall

So when you think that you don't have the strength to change who you are
Pick yourself up, prove yourself wrong, I swear you've had the strength all along

I swear, you've had the strength all along
You are not worthless, you are not powerless
I swear I've had the strength all along
I am not worthless, I am not powerless
I swear, we've had the strength all along
We are not worthless, we are not powerless
I swear we've had the strength all along
We are not worthless or powerless

We will not fall
Track Name: In Fidelity - Calloused
How long has it been
How long have I been here
It feels like falling but I haven't moved
I see where I've been
Don't know where I'm going

Or even if I'll get there at all
I stacked my hopes up only to watch them fall

Oh God, how long have I been here
I felt the days pass, but I sat and watched them go
I let myself become someone I did not know
Someone I didn't want myself to be
It made me callous

I'm so afraid of being stuck down here
Of being separated from everything I once held dear
I'm so afraid of being left down here
No one ever told me grief felt so like fear
Track Name: Chained - Choke
Bitten tongue and broken skin
Sunken eyes and cracking lips
An animated skeleton
Become the villain
Absorb ill will and hatred
Find your prize in death's embrace

Taste the rust build in your throat
And the words run in your mouth
Whisper to the ground and search for clarity
Keep standing in the pool

Look at the world through water logged eyes
Scream at the sky to give back your life

I've bought into some lies
I fell under control
I've led an empty life
I've let myself choke
Track Name: Chained - Headcase
Am I in hell
Or just the padded cell my head has built
No place for a home
Were we all built to be alone

Screaming, not stopping
Disappointed in the man I am
Broken and faithless
Feigning my stability

Move through my dark halls
Run your hands along the cracking walls
In the house of my decaying mind
On the plot of my broken life