by Nest

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released May 29, 2012

All Music and Lyrics by Nest
Engineered and Produced by Quinn Redmond
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Gurtshaw
Artwork by Evan Davis



all rights reserved


Spaghetti Spaghetti Records Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Clovercroft
Well I burned December to the ground
You watched the snow fall all around my lies
On pen and paper I look fine, but If I had to show my self control, I'm sure that I'd drown
So slow
And If you should pull me out, id appreciate the thought, but it's not who you are and I'm not who you thought
This is not my home
And all of my mistakes have been made with you
Track Name: Deadweight
I look at the clock, of course it's 22
I see my own breath, too tired to move
I look at the clock, it's always 22
Its small things like this, get me thinking of you
This is me in my state of vulnerability
Tired and alone, cold and open
I'm coming apart, a chairs length away
A foolish hope you wouldn't run away
I'm coming apart a chairs length away
If you saw my tears would that make it okay
Repeat chorus
When you go, and I stay it takes forever and a day to understand all the things I feel
It's something i don't want
It's something I don't hate
This feeling lingers on, it's deadweight
I'm not man enough, it's true
But I'll do the best I can for you
Those pictures on your wall
They show all the parts of me I left at home
Don't bother knocking to come inside
This is where you stay, this is where you hide
I'm not man enough for you
And I'll never have the chance to be
Track Name: Interlude
We've tried too hard
We don't know where you've been
Didn't learn to let go
I was just a young boy then
Track Name: Halloween
Walking through a pile of leaves
A perfect tunnel carved for you and me
I don't want to do anything at all
As long as I'm with you, I don't have to do anything at all
The wheels keep spinning on and on
If this is what's right then why don't I feel it
The wheels keep spinning on and on
Doomed to be forever almost something
Took me to a field where you laid it down
Every word that I wanted nothing more than to hear
Well I sat and I shook and I took it in
But it wasn't the right time, no there's never a right time for it
Repeat chorus
The lights in the sky, it's fine to just sit here
No need to ask why, we'll just sit here and whither
The lights in the sky, it's fine to just sit here
No need to ask why, we'll just sit here and whither
The neighborhood filled with ghosts
Spices and fires we loved the most
Seeing green running through the streets
My eyes ached with jealousy for what I couldnt be
What she couldn't see
You and me on Halloween
I was just a young boy then
Longing fast and caving in
Track Name: Melt
Two days have never felt so long
I know as long as you're at the end of the road I'll make it through
A letter you wrote to me once telling the truth about how you feel
The fireworks play their song
Off in the distance, you know I miss them
Too many times I'm one
By death and commitment I don't seem to understand
And I find I don't care, no I don't care at all
You know this isn't what she needs
A bottle may be your solution
But you know you're a storm amongst her seas
Just because you're older doesn't mean that you understand what it means to be a light for her
Your small town mind you will keep
Track Name: Twelfth
Moving fast across the night
Steel below my feat
My mind trails behind me and shivers in this comfortable heat
You are the youngest one
You know what makes me hurt
If you just stuck to your beliefs, then this wouldn't be so hard for me
To see
This is me in my state of interlude
Focused and abstract, my heart moves into you
You are a liar, or just good at avoiding the truth
If you just stuck to your beliefs, then these things we'd never have to see you do
You are a close friend, so I cant just sit by and watch as you discard what you have known for something hollow leaves your wounds to show
We aren't ready at all