The Manpride EP

by Seven More Minutes

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Track Name: Not With That Attitude (Hot Tube Weekend)
I lost my hat yelling out the car window
We anticipate but never get things done
I went out at 3:00 am and got lost in downtown Charleston
From what I remember we had a lot of fun

We’re survivors of Minnesota drivers

The best part was the 9 hour drive
My friends are fun and I feel so alive
Smiley faces on my chest
Hot tube weekend, you’re the best
Early morning, 40’s closed
24 miles on winding roads
Everybody knows we lied
She experienced high tide

All day on the beach
Do you like my sunglasses tan?
Cheesy pick up lines
And we all know that Grant's the man
Weekends almost over
It's time for our finale
Late night driving home
And an epic troll by sally

Not impressed with Taco Bell Express
Track Name: Stamps
Get up, get ready to move
The lifestyle that you choose is dangerous
and I am scared for you
Make a choice and you can’t look back
Self control is what you lack
And I know that you're gonna fail

I’m writing this letter
I hope things do get better
My third try, my spilled ink
I think my brain just needs to think

Be who you are, not who you were
This disease just needs a cure
And I think she’s your remedy
Don’t mess up a second chance
It will be gone without a glance
And it will hurt so bad you’ll want to die
Track Name: When In Doubt, Don't
The train just left but I’m still here
Maybe I'll catch it next year
What am I missing?
Who’s ass should I be kissing?
Can I get my money back?
And I'll get out of here

It's not like I’m just going away for the weekend
This is real life and I can’t continue to pretend
I’m so stuck and my head is full of doubt
I’m not unhappy, I’m just trying to get out

If I go will you see
Why won't you let this ship sail free
I just left the hangar and I'm out of fuel
There's a lot fix but I don't have a clue
Track Name: That's Alright
My palms are sweaty, and I’m ready to go
That’s alright
My heart is racing, and I’m pacing in the hall
That’s alright
I’m know it's scary, but I'll try to be brave
That’s alright
I always know it's alright

If it's alright just nod your head
I’m burning candles on you bed
The kind of thing that makes you feel good
Give me the chance, you know I would
Just let it go, can't find the nerve
I know I'll get what I deserve
The light is low, I cannot see
Lets lock the door, Just let us be

It's almost over, and the sun has gone down
That’s alright
I’m getting anxious, should I make my move now?
That’s alright
It's getting awkward, but I'll try and stay cool
That’s alright
I always know it's alright
Track Name: The Opposite of Two
I've been trying to write this song
This song about you
Maybe you'll hear it
And know who it's meant for
I wish I could say exactly what I'm feeling
But you don't talk to me anymore

I just want to say all the things that I could never say
I can't get you off my mind, I still think about you all the time
I miss your laugh, I miss your touch
I miss everything about us
I wish you'd talk to me again
Even if it means we can only be friends

So I finally wrote this song
This song about you
know it won't change a thing
But I still have to
Let you know exactly how I am feeling
But you don't talk to me anymore

It's time for a second chance
It's time for a change
and you know where I stand
I hope you feel the same about it
Track Name: 22 Questions
Letters I write, letters I need
Misspelling words, I cannot speak
I feel so dumb, I’m out of place
Wish I could see you face to face
This time I'll work it out
Give me some time you'll feel real proud
It's getting colder outside
I'll show emotions that I hide

L. O. V. Easy

In my dream I fell asleep
Next to you and when I woke
I realized I’m still far away
I'll write down my thoughts so I can stay
My friends they all make fun of me
I would too, but they don’t see
I’m trying hard to fall back asleep
My time with her is hard to keep