2012 Demo

by Chained

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released August 28, 2012

All music and lyrics by Chained
Recorded at Spaghetti Spaghetti Studios
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Adam Gurtshaw

chainedhc (at) gmail (dot) com



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Spaghetti Spaghetti Records Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Choke
Bitten tongue and broken skin
Sunken eyes and cracking lips
An animated skeleton
Become the villain
Absorb ill will and hatred
Find your prize in death's embrace

Taste the rust build in your throat
And the words run in your mouth
Whisper to the ground and search for clarity
Keep standing in the pool

Look at the world through water logged eyes
Scream at the sky to give back your life

I've bought into some lies
I fell under control
I've led an empty life
I've let myself choke
Track Name: What You Reap
I lost myself in your vanity
What you always held closest to you
Driving nails in my own ambition
Trading my time for a selfish vision

Face first into a closed door
Wasting away for a waste of space
This time all alone, is taking it's toll
It's twisting my fucking reality
I've been staring back at eyes that used to be mine, but now all I see is cold and empty
You poured me out onto a cracked floor, dripped to the bottom, always sinking

I take these pills to fight my sleepless nights
I stay inside so I can be alone
I felt a little safer on the inside of these walls alone

I never thought you'd be the one to sink me

Reap the results of your mistakes
Sever ties and make me pay
Reap the results of your mistakes
Sever ties and make me pay